Our Guide To Loss Of Hot Water

Our Guide To Loss Of Hot Water

Having no hot water from your taps is inconvenient. There are several causes for it, some of which you can fix yourself, with others needing an expert. Read our guide to loss of hot water to find out more…

Loss Of Hot Water?

The first thing to check is if your boiler is working. Here are two things to check.

Display panel

The display panel boiler should be lit up on the boiler with no error codes. If the lights are off, the boiler have no power.

If the boiler is on, does it show an error code? If so, check the instruction manual.

A reset fixes many faults. There will often be a button to do this. If not, turn it off, wait for a few minutes, then turn it on again.

Water supply

Check if you can hear water flowing in the boiler. Is water flowing out of the hot taps. If yours is a conventional system, check the header tank in the loft.

Gas supply

If the pilot light is out and won’t relight, check the gas supply. If there is no gas, contact your gas supplier.

Electricity supply

Check the power to the boiler is on. Do you have electricity to the other lights and sockets? There could be a power cut. Check if a switch has tripped in the fuse box.

Check the boiler pressure

If you water from the hot taps is flowing slower than usual, you could have low water pressure. Read the pressure gauge on the front of the boiler. It should read between one and two bars. You can usually repressures the boiler yourself if its below 1.

If you think that there is a fault with your boiler, then it’s crucial not to attempt to fix it yourself as it can be extremely dangerous. We always recommend you contact a Gas Safe registered plumber for help.

L&W Heating and Plumbing

If you need to call on a Gas Safe registered plumber call L&W Heating and Plumbing experts Warrington on one of the following numbers:-

Wigan Central Heating Engineers 01942 417220
St Helens Central Heating Engineers 01744 776140
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Runcorn Central Heating Engineers 01925 394260
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