Looking After Your Plumbing and Heating

Looking After Your Plumbing and Heating

Finding a trustworthy local plumber or central heating engineer who turns up on time, does a decent job and charges a reasonable price can often be difficult especially when you have a plumbing or heating emergency. However, if you take some precautions to manage the plumbing and heating of your home then you are less likely to need an emergency plumber. Read our expert tips for looking after your plumbing and heating and avoid an expensive callout being needed…

Looking After Your Plumbing and Heating

Know Where Your Stopcock is Located

If you are not aware of where your stop cock is located, you can ask your plumber to point it out. It is usually under the sink. The first thing to do if you discover a water leak is to use the stopcock to turn off the supply to the house.

Look after Your Stopcock

Once a year, you should shut off your stopcock and then open it back up again to make sure it works. It is a good idea to turn it back about a quarter turn so that it does not get jammed fully open.

Look After Your Boiler

Turn on the heating on for a few minutes every month – even in summer. This helps to keep valves from getting stuck and reduces the risk of the heating breaking down the first time you turn it on in the winter.

Take Care of Your Radiators

Radiator valves often jam if they are left in the same position. This is generally due to sludge build up. The best way to keep them working is to alter the temperature of your radiators every now and again.

Check Your Isolation Valves

Washing machines and taps are connected to pipes with small valves called isolation valves. They have a red or blue lever, or sometimes a screwdriver slot. If the handle or slot is in line with the pipe, the valve is open; if it is across the pipe it is closed. Turn them off and on again every now and then to save them from jamming.

Check Pipe Lagging

If you have foam insulation (lagging) on any pipes – often in the loft – check the condition before winter. This is particularly important if they are located next to an outside wall as they are at more risk of freezing.

L&W Heating and Plumbing

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