How to Clean Shower Sealant and Grout

How to Clean Shower Sealant and Grout

Do you know the best way to clean your shower sealant and grout? Read on for some top shower sealant and grout cleaning tips.

How to Clean Shower Sealant and Grout

Start by removing any shower gel, shampoos and soap then open the bathroom window or switch on the extractor fan.

Spruce up your shower sealant

If mould has taken over on your sealant, the best thing to do is to remove it replace it with a new seal.

  • Using a flat-headed screwdriver, lift the sealant away
  • Apply a new layer using a sealant gun and some appropriate bathroom sealant
  • Wet your finger with soapy water (to prevent the sealant from sticking to your finger) and smooth it out, getting it as neat as you can.
  • To prevent the shower sealant from getting mouldy in the future, remember to wipe it over whenever you clean your tiles.

If you have a shower leak that is making the area permanently wet, it is best to address it immediately. Call your local plumbers for advice.

The best way to clean grout

Grout between your tiles is porous so it will hold water for longer. This is why it is so prone to discolouration, mould and mildew. You can remove dirt with a pre-mixed chemical spray but be warned: these can be extremely toxic to children and pets.

Alternatively, here is a homemade recipe:

  • Mix one-part bleach to three-parts water
  • Spray the area
  • Wait half an hour
  • Scrub the area with a brush
  • Rinse the area using your shower head
  • Dry it with a cloth

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