Step by Step Guide To Bleeding Your Radiators

How To Bleed Your Radiators

Bleeding your radiators will assist you in making sure that your house is as cosy as possible this New Year. If you have had the heating on over the winter, it is possible that air has been allowed to enter the central heating system. This can leave your radiators with cold patches at the tops, and stop your heating from working efficiently. Read more to find out how to bleed your radiators now…

How To Bleed Your Radiators

 ‘Bleeding’ a radiator might sound drastic, but it’s actually very easy to do and can save you a fortune in heating bills.

  • To bleed the radiators, first turn on the central heating and once it gets to full temperature, run your hands carefully over every radiator to check if any of them have cold patches. Cold spots near the top of your radiator are there because there is air or gas trapped inside, preventing it from running efficiently.
  • Turn the heating off and wait for your radiators to completely cool down then use a radiator bleed key to release the trapped air. Use gloves to protect yourself from any hot water remaining in the system and hold a cloth under the valve. Insert the key into the valve near the top and turn it gently. If there is any trapped gas or air, you will hear it coming out of the valve.
  • Continue to listen carefully. When the sound changes, you will know the water in the radiator has nearly reached the valve. Quickly tighten it with the key again.
  • You can put an old towel down at the base of the radiator to ensure that you do not spill any water on the floor.
  • Be careful not to over-tighten the valve as you close it: that can damage the radiator.

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