How Long Will My Central Heating Boiler Last?

How Long Will My Central Heating Boiler Last

When it comes a new boiler, the cost can be high. One question we are often asked is ‘how long will my central heating boiler last?’

How Long Will My Central Heating Boiler Last?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so simple as it depends on a number of things. One thing to note is that warranties for different boilers and central heating systems vary depending on model and manufacturer.

Boiler Warranties

Most manufacturers offer a five-year warranty, but it can be even longer. What is not always apparent is that many manufacturers offer an extended warranty. This means you can change your warranty length, so your boiler remains covered. This is worth considering when budgeting for a new boiler.

Even though the warranty can indicate how long the manufacturer expects the boiler to last without fault, it isn’t the only factor. A crucial aspect is how a boiler is looked after and serviced. This has a major impact on the life of the boiler.

An annual service is essential if you want an efficient and long-lasting boiler. Even an older boiler can run well for years if maintained properly. A new boiler that has never been serviced will often fail sooner than it should and void your warranty.

Tips to Prolong Your Boiler’s Life

  • Annual Service – This is one of the most important things to do to prolong your boiler’s life.
  • Radiator Performance – Power flushing and bleeding radiators can clean the system, and reduce the stress on the boiler.
  • Magnetic filter – Installing one can reduce the sludge in the system.
  • Inhibitor – This reduces scale in the system, and is most important in hard water areas.
  • Run it regularly – especially in summer. Boilers can fail when not run regularly.
  • Lag Pipes – the condensate pipe can freeze up in the winter. This is a common problem you can avoid with some basic preventative maintenance.

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