Is It Cheaper To Leave the Hot Water On?

Is It Cheaper To Leave the Hot Water On

With the rising costs of energy prices these days, one question we are frequently asked is whether it is cheaper to leave the hot water on all the time, or to only heat water when needed.

Is It Cheaper To Leave the Hot Water On?

The truth is that it is unlikely to be cost-effective to leave the water heater on all the time unless you use it constantly. In fact, ensuring that water is only heated when you need it saves you money.

It takes more energy to heat water up from scratch than to keep it topped up with heat so it is true that the boiler uses more energy top heat water from cold, but even if you leave it on, the boiler must continually top up the temperature.

Another myth is that washing machines require hot water. This isn’t true as in the UK most dishwashers and washing machines connect to the cold water supply. The same goes for electric showers which also heating water themselves.

Checking your hot water and boilers

If you can, check your boiler and hot water system – especially if it is old and its insulation has been there for a while. If you notice your hot water cools quickly it could be down to the jacket on your water storage tank. It is worth asking for advice from plumber or gas safe registered heating engineer to establish whether the hot water cylinder or boiler needs replacing.

This advice doesn’t apply to combi boilers since they heat the water on demand and do not keep the temperature topped up like a traditional boiler.

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