Heating Cost Too Much For A Student House?

How Much Is Too Much Heating for a Student House

Nothing causes a greater number of arguments in shared accommodation than the temperature. So how often should you turn on the heating and how much is too much heating for a student house?

How Much Is Too Much Heating for a Student House?

Heating is the biggest student bugbear. Whenever life (and your financial situation) seems to be improving as we approach the Christmas holidays, the weather turns cold, and the central heating debate comes back around. Winter warming for students is a nightmare. Whoever shares the house, wherever you are, and no matter how good friends you are with your flatmates, it always needs to be tackled.

The first thing to do before the cold sets in is to put the heating on for a couple of hours to check the boiler is still working. If not, you will want to call the landlord to get it fixed. A serviced boiler that is working properly will save money compared to a faulty one, and if it is pumping out heat to all but one or two of the radiators, you could heat all you like and still have cold patches within the dwelling.

Of course, now you’ve had the heating on once, you might not want to turn it off again. The biggest student problem is money – or rather the lack of it – to pay the increased heating bills. The other problem is that everyone is comfortable at a different temperature. There are plenty of solutions before heating the house: put another jumper on; get under the duvet; snuggle with an animal…

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