Has your Boiler Broken Down?

Has your Boiler Broken Down

If you are reading this article, then there is a good chance that your boiler has stopped working. Don’t fret: our ‘has your boiler broken down?’ guide will take you through the common steps to get your central heating working again. With a bit of luck, you might not even need to call out an engineer.

Has your boiler broken down?

Is the gas running?

The first step is to check your other gas appliances to verify that the gas is actually working. If the oven is not working either, you’ve got a supply problem. Check the Emergency Control Valve where the gas pipes enter the house. If it’s switched on and there’s still no gas, you’ll need to contact your supplier.

Is the fuse-box tripped?

If you’ve had a power-cut, the fuse-box might have tripped. A loss of power can reset the timer on your boiler: so it thinks it’s midnight when the power comes on. Check the clock display shows the right time. You will find the instructions in the manual or online.

Have you paid?

If you have a prepaid meter, you could have run out of credit.

Is there sufficient pressure?

At the front of your boiler is a gauge or display that shows the pressure in bars. Boilers tend to shut off when the pressure drops too low. This can be fixed by adjusting the taps near the boiler until the pressure is between 1 and 1.5. Be careful, as too much pressure in a boiler can damage the system.

Check the thermostat

Some boilers stop working when the thermostat is set below a certain temperature, such as 21°C. This to save energy, but it can be confusing, so try increasing the temperature temporarily.

Check connection

Pairing issues between wireless thermostats and boilers are uncommon, but the thermostat might have developed a fault – but first try replacing its batteries.

Press the reset button

Modern central heating boilers lack a pilot light, instead sporting a reset button, which can typically found on the front of the unit. If your central heating boiler is of this sort, then pressing the reset button might solve the problem. Some central heating boilers may come with a dial instead that must be twisted round to the zero position and then returned to the desired setting.

Call in a professional

If you have tried everything and our boiler still isn’t working, it’s time to call in a heating engineer.

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