When Did You Last Have Your Gas Appliances Checked?

Get Your Gas Appliances Checked

All the gas appliances in your property should be checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer annually. Any appliance unchecked could be a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s a good idea also to have your gas pipework inspected when having a gas safety check, every year. Read our article further on the importance of getting your gas appliances checked each year…

Get Your Gas Appliances Checked Professionally

If you notice any of these warning signs, get your gas appliances checked and serviced immediately:

  • The appliance is not working properly
  • Gas is burning with a yellow flame rather than a blue one
  • Black marks are evident around the appliance
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • You notice more condensation than usual in the room

What’s the difference between a safety check and a service?

Before any work is carried out, agree with your engineer what the scope of the work is. An appliance service and a safety check are different, as are a safety check of appliances and a check of the whole installation, including pipework.

What is an Appliance Safety Check?

An appliance safety check at ensures the appliance is safe to operate, for example:

  • It is set and adjusted to ensure gas is burning correctly
  • It is suitable for the room in which it is located
  • It is stable, securely fitted and connected to the gas pipework properly
  • There is an adequate air supply
  • Flues or chimneys are operating correctly
  • Safety devices all function correctly

What is an Appliance Service?

Appliance services include all of the above checks, a cleaning plus some or all of:

  • An analysis of the combustion exhaust gases
  • A check of the condition of the appliance

What is a Gas Installation Safety check?

Each appliance will be checked as outlined above, plus:

  • All accessible pipework is visually inspected, and;
  • The gas pipework is tested to check for gas leaks

After the engineer’s visit

After they have finished work, the engineer may issue you with a report, such as a Gas Safety Record – however, it’s not a legal requirement to do so. If you need to get your gas appliances checked then contact us on one of our local numbers below:-

Newton Le Willows Plumbers 01925 394260
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