Step by Step Guide To Bleeding Your Radiators

Extend Your Boilers Life With Magnetic Filters

All plumbers know that the metal components in your central heating system are susceptible to corrosion. This process produces a black sludge which builds up and can block your boiler’s heat exchanger, boiler pump or even your radiators. This could mean a costly repair and so magnetic filters might save you money in the long run.

Modern Boilers Often Need Magnetic Filters

Magnetic FiltersIn the past, boiler installation for central heating used cast iron pipes with a large diameter but modern boilers – those installed in the last six years now use narrower pipes, which makes a blockage more likely. A blocked boiler can overheat and shut down. To get rid of the blockage, central heating engineers may need to power flush your central heating system or even replace the heat exchanger.

How can a boiler blockage be avoided?

A magnetic filter is a device designed to trap the sludge before it ever reaches the boiler. A magnet is used to collects the metallic debris. Some devices incorporate a filter that also collects non-magnetic deposits – produced by the corrosion of copper, zinc or aluminium components.

How can I install magnetic filters?

Your boiler engineer may recommend fitting a magnetic filter when you have a new boiler installed. Some boiler manufacturers will even extend your boiler’s warranty if you have a magnetic filter installed. You can add a magnetic filter to an existing boiler but they are bulky so you may struggle if your boiler is in a confined space.

How are magnetic filters maintained?

The built-up sludge in the filter has to be removed – this is usually done in your annual boiler service. Corrosion inhibitor fluid can also be added to the heating system to prevent the sludge from forming in the first place. Installation of  magnetic filters is a measure to take in conjunction with this, and not instead of it.

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