Energy Saving tips for the Home

Energy Saving tips for the Home

There are a lot of different ways you can save energy in your home, from adopting new daily habits to installing more energy-efficient alternatives to your appliances. Read our energy saving tips for the home and start saving today…

Energy Saving tips for the Home

Here are some ways to cut down your utility bills and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Get your boiler serviced

Your boiler makes up 55% of your annual energy use. Getting it serviced helps it to burn fuel as efficiently as possible – and save on heating costs. The most sensible time to have your boiler serviced is just before the winter sets in, as it can develop fixable faults over the a year that, if left, could be a major problem if there’s a cold winter.

Reset the boiler timer

About 20 minutes of heating is enough time to get your house warm enough before you get out of bed, and the same goes in the evening.

Most modern boilers allow you to have different settings on different days. If you know you’re always going to be out with the kids on certain evenings, adjust your timer. Older boilers have mechanical timers that you set by hand, whilst modern ones can be amended with a digital programmer or an app on your phone.

Clear your radiators

Over the years, it’s normal for radiators to get clogged up with sludge, rust, dirt and debris. This makes them less effective. If unchecked, this can cause blockages, corrosion, and poorer efficiency.

What you may need is a power flush. It is the ultimate spring clean for your heating system. Call up your Gas Safe Registered Plumber Warrington if you think a Warrington power flush is what you need.

L&W Heating and Plumbing

If you need to call on a Gas Safe registered plumber call L&W Heating and Plumbing experts Warrington on one of our numbers below:-

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