Cleaning A Central Heating System

Cleaning A Central Heating System Guide

Have you ever wondered what is involved in cleaning a central heating system? Here is a brief cleaning a central heating system guide.

Corrosion and sludge build up

In central heating systems, internal corrosion can lead to a sludge build-up which causes problems and breakdowns over time. When the heating system is first installed, it is thoroughly cleaned to minimise the risk of corrosion. This process removes things like flux from soldered joints and small copper particles from where pipes have been cut. However, the oxygen in the water in the system is released when it is heated, and this causes corrosion of steel components.

Signs of Corrosion and Sludge

  • Noises from the boiler which get worse over time
  • Pin-holes developing in radiators
  • Radiators feeling cold at the bottom
  • Pumps and valves wearing out

Scale Build Up

In a hard water area, minerals in the water gradually build up inside the system and reduce its efficiency. This also contributes to sludge. 

Cleaning Central Heating and Flushing the System

Before we can add a system cleaner, we drain and replace all the water in the system. This removes some of the deposits in the water. Then we switch off the boiler and isolate the electrical supply. The drain valve on the system as at the lowest point in the pipework and has a special attachment to connect a hose. We run a hose outside and open the valve to drain the system fully. We then refill the system with a special additive and go round the radiators, one by one, opening the bleed valves to release any air.

We then run the central heating for some time to ensure the cleaner is fully circulated. The system cleaner is left to break down the sludge and scale. Sometimes we will need to drain and flush the system a couple of times to fully clean it. Once done, we refill the system and add an inhibitor to protect it from sludge. Inhibitors reduce corrosion, prolong the life of the pump and other components and reduce the chance of boiler breakdowns.

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