Are Boiler Services Required?

Are Boiler Services Required?

Do boilers really need an annual service? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on whether boiler services are required…

Are Boiler Services Required?

Although boiler services may seem like an unnecessary cost each year, it really is important to ensure that your boiler is safe and working efficiently. A service will increase the lifespan of your boiler, saving you money. Many boiler warranties are invalid unless you can prove an annual boiler service has been done. By having a boiler service, any issues can be identified and fixed before they become a more expensive problem – potentially putting your family at risk from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

What does a Boiler Service involve?

  • The boiler is fired up to identify any faults
  • All the main components – the burner, the heat exchanger and spark electrode are checked
  • The flue terminals and internal compartments are checked and sealed
  • The burner is checked with a flue gas analyser to make sure it’s working efficiently
  • All required parts are cleaned if necessary
  • A gas tightness test is conducted to avoid gas leaks
  • The boiler’s casing is checked to ensure it’s sealed

When should I get my boiler serviced?

The best time to have a boiler service is during the summer months – in winter there are more boiler breakdowns so heating engineers are fully booked.

What happens if I don’t get my boiler serviced?

  • Every year 60 people die in the UK from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. A boiler service will identify a Carbon Monoxide leak early.
  • Unidentified problems lead to bigger ones which cost a lot of money or mean the boiler has to be replaced entirely.
  • The less efficient your boiler is, the higher the fuel bills. Cut your costs and your carbon footprint with a boiler service.
  • Many manufacturers say that if you fail to have a boiler service by a Gas Safe registered engineer every year, your warranty is invalid.
  • If you are a landlord, it is a legal requirement to get gas boilers and appliances Gas Safe Certified annually or you will face large fines or even imprisonment. 

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