How to Prepare for a Cold Weather Snap

Boiler Maintenance Checklist

Have you has your boiler checked lately? A boiler emergency is common in winter. The last thing you want is a broken boiler that leaves you without hot water or heating. Read our boiler maintenance checklist for more information and guidance to avoid a boiler emergency now…

Boiler Maintenance Checklist    

Here are some regular checks you can do to reduce the chances of a breakdown.

1. Is the water pressure low?

Check monthly

One of the most common issues with boilers is low water pressure. The pressure gauge should be between 1 and 1.5 bars.

2. Have you bleed your radiators?

Check twice a year

Bleeding a radiator releases any trapped air from inside. If a radiator has cold spots at the top, it probably needs to be bled.

3. Is your boiler well ventilated?

Check every few months

If your boiler is in a cupboard, ventilation it is important. Check air vents are free from debris such as cobwebs.

4. Check the radiator valves

Check once a year

It’s a good idea to check the valves are working before winter comes. Check them once a year and you may be able to find faults before they get worse.

5. Is your condensate pipe in danger of freezing?

Check every winter

Sometimes a boiler can stop working during cold weather due to the condensate pipe freezing. If your condensate pipe does freeze up, you need to thaw it and insulate it so it does not happen again.

6. Check the inhibitor level within the heating system

Check annually

Inhibitor in the system’s water is essential to prevent corrosion and sludge. It is easy for your Gas Safe registered engineer to check the inhibitor levels at your annual boiler service. Maintaining the right level should prevent costly breakdowns

7. Have you had an annual boiler service?

Once a year

Get your Gas safe registered engineer to do a boiler service every year. We recommend getting it done before October, so you can make sure it’s ready for winter.

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