Boiler Controls Explained

Boiler Controls Explained

Boiler controls are a crucial part of your heating system. As most modern condensing boilers are already operating at peak efficiency, adding some energy efficient controls can boost the system’s overall performance.

Boiler Controls Explained

Here is an explanation the controls you might find on your boiler and what they do.

Programmer (7 day)

A programmer allows you to set the heating (and sometimes the hot water too) to come on and off at different times of the day and on different days of the week.

Room thermostat

Your room thermostat monitors the temperature of the air and allows you to set the temperature you want. If the room temperature goes below this level, the thermostat will switch your boiler on. If the room gets hotter then it turns itself off.

Programmable room thermostat

This control combines a boiler programmer and room thermostat in one package. It lets you set different room temperatures for different times of day and night, and when it is programmed correctly it will prevent the house from having to warm up from a cold start. The “topping up” approach saves energy and makes your home more comfortable.

Load compensation 

This is a feature that adjusts the temperature of heat going to your radiators. When your home is colder the temperature going to the radiators will be high, but as the room warms up, less heat is needed, and this feature lowers the temperature supplied to your radiators to save energy.

Weather compensation

This feature monitors the weather outside using a sensor.  It adjusts the temperature of the hot water that goes to your radiators. If the temperature drops outside then your radiators get hotter. If the outside temperature is cooler then the boiler is asked to supply less heat.

Boiler Plus Legislation

From April 2018 all new boilers installed in England have needed both a thermostat and a timer fitted to meet building regulations.

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