Worcester Bosch Greenstar Junior

Worcester-24Kw The Worcester Greenstar Junior 24i Bosch combination boiler from L&W Warrington central heating specialist is part of the Worcester Bosch boiler collection. This Worcester Bosch Greenstar Junior 24i Combi Boiler has a genuine SEDBUK Band A rating with an official 90.1% energy efficiency rating. The Worcester Greenstar Junior Combi Boiler is ideal for a medium house as well as small sized houses and is ultra compact weighing only 27kg in total. Worcester Greenstar condensing combination boilers from L&W Warrington Plumbers deliver an energy-saving performance by recycling the exhaust gases of the combi boiler to extract and re-use latent heat – a highly efficient use of heat energy which significantly reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Junior i Features & Benefits

  • SEDBUK BAND A Rated Gas Boiler
  • Genuine one-man lift – only 27kg
  • Compact dimensions – combi boiler siting flexibility
  • Mechanical, radio frequency (RF) and digital control options available
  • WB3 series heat cell – Worcester Greenstar boilers have a robust cast aluminium/silicon construction
  • Heatronic III control system – sophisticated combi boiler management
  • Compact hydraulic – reliable and efficient
  • Wall mounting frame with pipes behind – no exposed pipework
  • The combi boiler has low NOx and CO2 emissions, for this reason more environmentally friendly
  • Worcester Greenstar keep hot facility means you have instantly heated hot water
  • Universal condensate fitting for the combi boiler allowing pre-plumbing of the condensate discharge
  • Extra peace of mind with an exceptional Worcester Greenstar 7-years warranty
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