Why Should I Consider Replacing My Homes Boiler

Wigan Combi Boilers

If you are looking for new Wigan combi boilers, then don’t settle for second best. Choose a reliable, plumbers Wigan with Combi Boilers installation experience who employ only skilled gas safe accredited engineers and can offer your family the very best selection of products. L&W Heating and Plumbing will work with you to help you find the right Combi Boiler for your Wigan home so you can enjoy instant hot water and save time, space and also cut down your heating costs.

Wigan Combi Boilers Installation Service

Wigan Combi boilers are far more efficient than the traditional condensing boilers that are fitted in many houses in the Wigan area. More efficiency means that they use less gas and so they cost you less money. Not only that, but the reduced size and reduced pipework complexity means that you can recover some of the space in your airing cupboard or wherever you have it installed for increased storage space without compromising on comfort. In fact you will have access to an instant supply of piping hot water without the wait that is associated with older stored water systems.

Boiler Servicing Wigan

Once your new Wigan combi boiler has been installed by qualified Wigan Plumbers, it is important not to forget about arranging an annual Wigan gas boiler service. Just like your car, your Wigan combi boiler will need to be regularly maintained to keep it running properly and to reduce the risk of unexpected, expensive or inconvenient boiler repairs Wigan. It is best to do this well before the winter comes, as the first day of a cold snap is traditionally the time that many people first realise there is a problem with their central heating system – by which time it is too late. Even a new boiler will need an annual service. Contact L&W Heating and Plumbing using the simple contact form, and discuss your combi boiler needs today. Or call 01942 417220
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