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Why Won’t Your Toilet Flush?

We’ve all had a problem flushing the toilet, and it is a common problem that every household eventually comes up against. Why won’t your toilet flush? Here are our top 5 reasons on what to check.

Why Won’t Your Toilet Flush – Blocked Toilet

Probably the most common reason why your toilet won’t flush is this it is blocked. Several things can do this, the most common being flushing baby wipes or foreign objects and too much tissue paper. In hard water areas sometimes limescale build-up restricts the pipes, and they can even collapse altogether.

Why Won’t Your Toilet Flush – Low Water Level in The Cistern

Low water level in the cistern of your toilet decreases its ability to clean itself efficiently. The water level in the tank should be as prescribed by the manufacturers. There is sometimes a mark inside the tank that shows the amount of water it should have. Usually, this is an inch or so below the top of the overflow tube. If there is little or no water in the cistern, it may be that the valve is stuck closed and needs replacing by a plumber.

Why Won’t Your Toilet Flush – Ballcock Problems

The ballcock is important as it rises with the water level and opens a valve that lets water into your toilet. If it is damaged or has become detached, then the valve might get stuck, and the toilet won’t flush.

Why Won’t Your Toilet Flush – Broken Bits

The handle on your toilet connects to the valve, and when you push it down the valve lifts up. The plastic connector can become dislodged or broken, leaving you with a sagging handle. If you have a push button cistern, the plunger can become detached from the pipes that make the toilet flush. They may need replacing or reconnecting by your plumber.

Why Won’t Your Toilet Flush – Blocked Holes

The holes under the lip of the bowl can cause a toilet to flush poorly. If there is a clog, water can’t pass through them. Checking if water streams from all sides of the bowl equally when you flush. If not, these holes may be the source of the problem. Hard water can cause them to block so your plumber may use a chemical to remove limescale.

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