What Is A Magnetic Filter

What Is A Magnetic Filter?

A magnetic filter can be installed with a new boiler and potentially extends the lifespan of the system.

What Are Magnetic Boiler Filters?

One of the main causes of issues within a boiler or heating system is the build-up of rust, corrosion and sludge. This happens over time and can be expensive to solve. Though it is recommended for a power flush every 5 or 6 years, installing a magnetic filter can give long-lasting results.

What Is A Filter Used For?

A magnetic filter captures rust and other debris that build over time, preventing blockages. Installing a magnetic filter can:

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Decrease energy bills
  • Extend your boiler’s life
  • Increase the length of your boiler warranty
  • Prevent expensive repairs

How Does A Filter Work?

Typically, magnetic filters are fitted along with a new boiler. The magnetic filter is installed close to the boiler. The water that is heated by the boiler filter is sent back through pipes within the system. The magnetic filter is fitted to this pipe, where the water returns to the boiler so it can collect rust and debris from further on in the system.

Magnetic filters use a large magnet, which attracts metallic particles, ensuring that only clean water gets into the boiler. Collecting this debris prevents the problem from getting worse and can even stop sludge from developing in the first place.

A magnetic filter keeps your boiler clean and working for longer, but they will need to be cleaned every year or two. This can be done by a heating engineer during your annual boiler service along with a check-up and gas safety inspection.

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