The Importance Of Using Genuine Parts

Using Counterfeit Parts Is A Risky Business

The sale and use of counterfeit parts continue to be an issue for the heating sector. Installers are under increasing pressure to cut costs. Replacing parts on gas appliances with non-genuine spares is cutting corners, and has a range of quality, safety and legal implications.

Why are non-genuine parts so bad? These parts are often made from inferior materials and are unlikely to have been through the same testing process as genuine parts. They may not last so long nor be as reliable. If installers use a non-approved part on a boiler, the manufacturer can longer to guarantee the safety of the appliance. The warranty will be null and void.

A lot of people do not realise that sale and installation of boiler parts are surrounded by a host of legal implications.  The sale and fitment of non-genuine parts fall into three categories: parts that aren’t approved for use and do not have the CE mark, counterfeit parts, and parts infringing on intellectual property.

Non-Approved Parts

If installers fit a part to an appliance different to the one specified by the manufacturer they invalidate the CE mark of the appliance. The manufacturer can then no longer guarantee the safety of the appliance. The installer fitting the part could be at risk of prosecution if anything goes wrong.

Counterfeit Parts

An installer may buy non-genuine parts without realising. Installers should buy parts from reputable sources so they can guarantee they know exactly what they are getting.

Refurbished Parts

The General Product Safety laws (Directive 2001/95/EC) requires parts to be safe, fit for purpose and not sold as brand-new parts. To ensure this is not breached, all markings from the original manufacturer must be removed.

Modified Parts

Modified parts can contravene the Sales of Goods Act 1979, which requires new or second-hand parts to match their description, be fit for purpose and to be of satisfactory quality.

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