Having A Gas Appliance Fitted?

Unsafe Gas Appliances Can Put Your Life In Danger

Gas leaks from unsafe gas appliances can kill. To make sure you are fully gas safe in your home, you need to be mindful of the potentially deadly consequences of poorly maintained or faulty gas appliances.

Gas leaks From Unsafe Gas Appliances

Gas leaks can come from faulty appliances or pipework. While mains gas itself is not poisonous in the same way as carbon monoxide (CO), gas leaks can lead to fires and explosions. A distinctive smell is added to the gas in your home to make it detectable – you can smell this when you turn the gas hob on. If you think that you can smell gas, call 0800 111 999 straight away. If you have signs of damage or corrosion -such as rust or a green discolouration) – anywhere on your gas pipework or if you suspect there is a gas leak, you need to make contact with a Gas Safe registered engineer and have it checked out. The check will involve a tightness test to make sure there are no gas leaks and also a visual inspection to check that everything is in a safe condition.

Fires and explosions From Unsafe Gas Appliances

By its nature gas is highly combustible. Appliances that are working safely will burn gas in a controlled way. This helps us heat our homes and cook our food. Should gas start to leak from a faulty appliance, it can quickly spread and there is a risk of it igniting and causing a fire or explosion, which could have devastating results.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Unsafe Gas Appliances

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a potentially deadly consequence of poorly maintained or unsafe gas appliances. It is odourless and kills quickly so you should invest in a suitable CO detector alarm. If you think you can smell gas or you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning, then call 0800 111 999 immediately. One of the best ways to keep safe is to make sure that all your gas appliances are serviced regularly – at least once every year. For more information contact the team at L&W Heating and Plumbing on one of the local numbers below:- 

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