The Water From My Boiler Is Too Hot!

The Water From My Boiler Is Too Hot!

There’s no right temperature for hot water. Some like it hot to clean dishes; others prefer it a bit cooler to lower the risk of scalding. The temperature of hot water depends on what boiler you have, how it’s set and whether everything’s in working order. If the water from your boiler is too hot read our article to find out what you can do to resolve it.

The Water From My Boiler Is Too Hot

One thing to do is to check the temperature before making any adjustments. Just poking a finger into the water from the tap Is not enough! Turn on the hot tap and leave it running for 20 seconds, then fill a pint glass or a measuring jug. Then, dip a thermometer in to get the temperature.

What kind of boiler do you have?

With a combi boiler, hot water goes directly to the taps. System or conventional heat-only boilers feed water into pipes around a hot water cylinder. Tap water does not go through the boiler.

Adjusting a combi boiler

Combi boilers have controls to set the temperatures which could be manual or digital. If it’s digital, consult the instructions.

You will have two controls: tap and radiator. Adjusting one shouldn’t adjust the other. Turn tap control down, then perform the test again. Make small adjustments until you’re happy.

Adjusting a system or heat only boiler

Adjusting a system or conventional boiler is a bit more tricky, as the thermostat is often on the boiler itself. The temperature setting on the cylinder may be behind a panel.

Unlike a combi boiler, cylinders take time to cool down, so wait a few hours before adjusting again.

Room temperature is not water temperature

Don’t confuse the room thermostat with water temperature – they different things.

Radiator temperature is not the same as tap temperature

Similarly, your radiators are not the same as the hot taps. They both run through different systems.

Possible faults

It’s also possible that your water is too hot because of a fault in your boiler. Water going too slowly over the heat exchanger overheats, or you could have a faulty thermostat. If turning down the temperature doesn’t work, call a Gas Safe engineer.

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