Why Should I Consider Replacing My Homes Boiler

St Helens Homeowners Boiler Advice

Here are some facts about the different types of boiler so you can decide which is best for St Helens homeowners.

St Helens Homeowners – Combi Boiler

A combination (or “combi”) boiler is both a high-efficiency water heater and central heating boiler in one. Combi boilers heat the mains water when you turn on the hot taps, so you don’t have to have a hot water cylinder or a cold-water header tank in the loft.

They are extremely cost-effective and energy-efficient because the water is heated instantly instead of being stored in a cylinder. Hot water is delivered at a high pressure so you can get a more powerful shower without a separate pump.

  • Perfect for smaller properties.
  • No hot water cylinder means increased living space.
  • No cold-water storage tank, so they free up loft space
  • No risk of the pipework freezing in your loft
  • Less pipework to fit makes installation cheaper

St Helens Homeowners – System Boiler

System boilers need a separate cylinder to store your hot water, but the major components are all built right into the boiler, so they are relatively quick and easy to install. There is no need for a header tank in the loft.

  • Good for homes with multiple bathrooms
  • Can supply hot water to a number of taps simultaneously
  • No need for a header tank in the loft
  • Economical

St Helens Homeowners – Regular Boilers

Regular boilers (also called “traditional” boilers”) are well suited to homes with a heating and hot water system that is linked to a hot water cylinder. They do need a cold water storage tank in the loft and a tank to maintain the water level in the system.

A regular boiler is a good option if you have an older radiator system, as the pipework may not be able to deal with the higher pressure of a new system or combi boiler.

  • Ideal for homes where a lot of hot water is used simultaneously
  • A good choice for homes with more than two bathrooms
  • A good option in areas with low water pressure
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