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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Boiler

Spring has arrived, and hopefully, the cold, harsh temperatures of winter have faded away – although they were here longer than we anticipated this year. It is now that time when many of us think about spring cleaning our homes, but as well as the house itself there is no better time than spring to give your boiler and heating system the once over. Read our spring cleaning tips for your boiler for more information.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Boiler

Here are some Spring-cleaning tips for your boiler:

  • Check the boiler is working properly, and that its pressure gauge is set to the appropriate level. Top it up if necessary using the filling loop.
  • Bleed the radiators. If there are cold spots in your radiators, then this is most likely because air has got trapped in the system, making it less efficient.
  • Insulate the water tank and pipes to help conserve heat and save money on ever-growing fuel bills.
  • Insulate all accessible pipes to help to prevent them from bursting in winter.
  • Seal around your windows and doors with draught excluders to stop warm air from escaping.
  • Replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarm.

Pipe lagging, the insulating material for your water tank and draught excluders can all be bought relatively cheaply from your local DIY warehouse.

If you need any major work done on your heating system, such as installing a new boiler, the spring and summer is the best time to do so. Plumbers are in less demand and if you need to have your central heating off for a day or so it is not a problem when it is already warm!

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