In order to ensure the maintenance costs for your solar water heating system remains low you must check your system from time to time. – is it doing what it’s designed to do – are you getting hot water – is the solar pipework cold – when the pump is running  – are there any leaks of anti-freeze – this will have a strong smell  – is your pump running correctly   All systems should be checked by a qualified installer every 3 – 7 years.  It is likely that after this period of time the anti-freeze in your system (used to protect your system in the winter months) will need to be topped up or even replaced as it breaks down over a period of time thus reducing the performance of your system.    Remember: – anti-freeze lasts better if the solar water system is continually used throughout the year – a well maintained system pump can last for 10 years +   If you would like more information or need your system checking or repairing why not contact L&W.
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