Is Your Shower Staying Cold

Is Your Shower Often Staying Cold?

There’s nothing worse than jumping in the shower… only to discover the water running cold. So what should you do in the event of your shower staying cold?

Is Your Shower Often Staying Cold?

To begin with, you need to work out whether it’s your shower that is failing to produce hot water or if there’s an issue with hot water elsewhere the house. Switch on the hot water taps one at a time to check to if they heat up.

Check Your Boiler

If your taps are also cold, check the gas, electricity and water supplies. If everything is connected, try resetting your boiler by turning its power on and off again.

Check Your Shower Valve

The shower valve mixes water from the hot and cold feeds. Over time its components such as washers and O-rings can become worn, reducing its effectiveness.

Plan Your Showers or Switch Boiler Type

Sometimes if you live in a busy house and have a regular boiler system (not a combi boiler), your other household members might have used up all of the stored hot water. With a regular boiler, hot water is stored in a tank. Once it’s used up you’ll have to wait 30 minutes or so before your shower so it can fill up again.

If people or appliances are using up all of your hot water regularly, you may think about switching to a combi boiler. Unlike regular boilers, combi boilers produce hot water on demand.

Whilst you may then be unable to have two showers or appliances running simultaneously (it depends on your home’s water flow rate), you will not need to wait half an hour for the water tank to refill with hot water every time you want to jump in the shower.

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