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Preventing Toilet Trouble

With goes behind bathroom doors is best kept private, but sometimes we all have toilet trouble, so we have come up with a guide to help you identify the most common plumbing problems in the smallest room. Your toilet has the potential to cause one of the messiest, most expensive disasters you’ll ever come across if it isn’t kept in full working order. To save you money, time and trouble we have chosen ten top tips to stop toilet troubles.

Preventing Toilet Trouble – Top Ten Toilet Tips

  1. Clean the toilet regularly using a mild cleaner
  2. Avoid using chemical cleaners to unclog the toilet
  3. Inspect the inner workings of your toilet at least every six months
  4. Purchase a plunger
  5. Teach your children to respect the toilet
  6. Don’t flush anything but human waste and toilet tissue
  7. Choose toilet paper carefully to prevent blockages
  8. Don’t put a brick in the cistern to save water
  9. Get any problems with your toilet fixed immediately. Don’t leave it leaking
  10. Don’t be afraid to call L&W Plumbing and Heating if you need plumbing help

What to do if you have toilet trouble

Prevention is better than cure, and if you avoid flushing down nappies and baby wipes etc. then you reduce the risk of blockage. If you need to dispose of a large quantity of toilet paper than consider bagging it up and removing it that way, or use several short flushes instead of trying to deal with the entire problem in one big one. If your toilet is overflowing then turn off the water at the mains to avoid a flood. And if you have toilet trouble despite taking all of our advice, then don’t worry. Many minor problems are easily resolved and if you call us we can fix most in next to no time. Call our local plumbers below for more advice.

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