Our Guide To Cold Radiators

Our Guide To Cold Radiators

If your radiators are cold or not heating up sufficiently this could point towards a serious problem but there are several smaller faults to rule out first. Read our guide to cold radiators to find out more…

Cold Radiators?    

There are a number of things that can cause cold patches on radiators. Here are some common causes patch:

  • Air pockets in the system
  • Blockages within the system
  • Circulation fault
  • Radiator valve is closed
  • Thermostat is set too low
  • Timer isn’t working

If none of the radiators are heating up there could be a problem with the central heating boiler.

Cold radiators only in certain parts of the home

If one radiator isn’t getting hot, it could be a problem with the zones in your central heating. Central heating works by pumping a continuous flow of hot-water from a boiler to radiators and back. You can create ‘zones’ where you can control the temperature in different areas of your home – if the problem is in one area, it could mean a problem with a zone.

One radiator not working

If you find one radiator stays cold, ensure its valves are open. If they are open but the radiator is cold, they may be blocked. A system cleanse from a Gas Safe Registered engineer will likely fix this.

Cold radiators upstairs

If the upstairs radiators are cold, the feed and expansion tank in the loft may have run dry. Check the cistern ball valve in the loft is not obstructed.

Cold radiators downstairs

If the downstairs radiators are not heating up, there might be a problem with the pump. If the boiler is making a grating sound, call a Gas Safe registered engineer for help.

Why is the top of a radiator cold?

If the top of a radiator is cold, it’s possible air has got trapped in it. Bleeding the radiator releases trapped air, improving its efficiency.

Why is the middle of a radiator cold?

When the middle of a radiator is cold, this may point to a build-up of sludge obstructing it. You’ll need it cleaned out by a professional.

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