Landlords Gas Safety Checks Wigan

By law, under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, Landlords gas safety checks Wigan are a legal requirement, to stay compliant it must be completed each year. It is essential to obtain this from a Gas Safe Registered Wigan central heating engineer for all of the pipe work, appliances and flues that are installed at your property.

Gas Safety Certificate Copy

Even if you manage your property through an agent you may be affected: you need to carefully check your contract to make sure it clearly states whose responsibility it is to employ the Wigan plumbers to carry out essential maintenance on gas appliances. You are required by law to retain copies of all the paperwork for two years, and must provide a copy to your tenants within 28 days of the inspection taking place.  Whenever your tenants change, the new inhabitants also need to be provided with a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate – before they move in.

Legally you must have a landlord gas check Wigan every 12 months, but we would recommend that you get all of the gas appliances in the property checked between tenants too – so you can be sure your appliances are safe before the new tenants move in. You should also consider installing a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector and alarm in the property – but remember this does not mean you can neglect regular safety checks and normal maintenance.

What you get with a Landlord Gas check Wigan:

  • All gas appliances are checked for gas tightness.
  • Checks are carried out on ventilation.
  • Flue flow is tested to ensure that the products of combustion are removed.
  • All flame failure devices are checked.
  • Where appropriate, brackets are checked for stability and effectiveness.
  • Evidence of unsafe operation will be reported.
  • Standing and working pressure will be tested (if test points are available)
  • Burner pressure and gas rate is checked against the manufacturer’s data plate.

Unless all of the above checks have been done in a Landlords Gas safety Checks Wigan, a Gas Safety Certificate can not be issued by the plumbers Wigan that completed the hecks. L & W Plumbing and Heating can supply your CP-12 certificate if you are a landlord. Call today for more information.

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