How To Thaw A Condensate Pipe

How To Thaw A Condensate Pipe

A frozen condensation pipe causes serious problems for a boiler. Here’s how to thaw your condensate pipe out if it freezes.

How to Thaw a Condensate Pipe

A boiler struggles to function if its condensation pipe freezes. It’s not difficult to put things right if this happens.

What is a condensate pipe?

The condensate pipe carries condensation from the boiler to your drain. It’s usually white or grey and made of plastic. It goes from your boiler through the outside wall. During cold weather, the pipe may freeze and cause a blockage – making the boiler shut down.

How to defrost the pipe

Depending on your boiler, a frozen condensation pipe may be indicated with a ‘fault code’ or warning light on the boiler. Gurgling or bubbling sounds from the boiler are a sign that the condensate pipe is blocked or frozen.

Locate the blockage

The pipe usually freezes at the most exposed point. This is either the open end of the pipe or a bend or elbow. Run your hands over the pipe until you find the section that feels colder.

Use hot water to thaw the pipe

With a jug or watering can pour warm water along the pipe, repeating until it thaws. Don’t use boiling water – it can crack the pipe. Alternatively, a hot water bottle or heat pack can be used to defrost it slowly.

Restart your boiler

Once the frozen section has melted, reset the boiler. It may take several attempts to get the boiler to work. If it doesn’t, you may need to call us out.

How to stop your pipes from freezing

If your condensate pipe isn’t insulated, wrap it in old towels to prevent it from freezing up again. As soon as possible, go to your local DIY store to buy some foam pipe insulation and wrap it around the condensate pipe. In extreme weather conditions, even insulation may not prevent the condensate pipe freezing. You can try to run your boiler with the thermostat set as high as possible throughout the worst of the cold spell. For more information contact us on a number below:-

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