How to Replace a Toilet Ball Valve

How to Replace a Toilet Ball Valve

There are a number of possible reasons why your toilet may not flush. If your toilet has a lever, rather than a push button, then one of the most common problems is with the ball valve. If you carefully take the lid off the toilet cistern and there is hardly any water left in the cistern, then the ball valve is probably stuck and will need to be replaced.

How to Replace a Toilet Ball Valve

Here is a step by step guide to replacing a toilet ball valve.

Turn off the isolation valve

First, you need to stop water for getting everywhere when you work on the toilet. To prevent water from filling the toilet cistern, you need to use a flat headed screwdriver to turn off the isolation valve. You need to do a quarter turn: the line for the screwdriver shows whether water can pass through (in-line with the pipe) or not (perpendicular to the pipe)

Undo the tap connector

Once you have stopped the water, take an adjustable spanner and undo the tap connector in an anti-clockwise direction

Remove the back nut

Once the tap connector is undone, you need to remove the back nut to get the ball valve out

Refit your new toilet ball valve

Next, take the parts to a DIY store and ask for a matching replacement. Once you’ve acquired a new ball valve, put it back into the toilet. Make sure the arm is able to move up and down freely – it may be slightly different in size or shape to the old one

Replace the fibre washer

Next, replace the fibre washer in the water connector before you join it back onto the ball valve

Turn the isolation valve back on

Finally, you can switch the isolation valve back on – check that the water doesn’t go into the overflow and adjust the valve if necessary

Check for leaks

Once you are sure there are no leaks from the tap connector, flush the toilet, and your problem is solved! If not: call L&W Heating and Plumbing.

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