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How To Deal With A Burst Pipe

It’s everyone;s worst nightmare: A pipe bursts and water is dripping down the walls. If you know how to deal with a burst pipe, simple things you can do before calling Wigan Plumbers the professionals you could save yourself time and money.

Switch off the Supply of Water

How To Deal With A Burst PipeTurn off your water immediately by turning your stop cock clockwise – it is usually located under the sink, but occasionally in the under stairs cupboard. Once it is switched off, drain your system to empty the pipes of water. You do this by opening all of your cold  taps, and flushing all of your toilets. Then switch off your boiler or heating system and do the same with the hot taps.

Electrical Safety

If the leak is near a socket, light fitting or other electrics, turn your main power off. Do not touch any wet electrics, though – if you cannot switch off the mains because the switch is wet then wait for the plumber.

Call a Plumber

Now is the time to phone plumbers Wigan, 01942 417220 and once one is on the way you can take some steps to protect your property. If you can access the burst pipe, wrap it in an old tea towel and put a large receptacle such as a washing up bowl under it. If a ceiling is bulging with water, consider poking a small hole with a screwdriver to let it drain rather than collapse under the weight – but make sure your plumber has been consulted before taking it upon yourself to do so. Clear away any excess water by soaking it up with towels, and if you can lift carpets to prevent them from getting water logged then this might help to protect them. Learning how to deal with a burst pipe and taking these simple steps should help to minimise the amount of damage that a burst pipe causes to your home. many problems are caused by poorly maintained systems, so ensure your boiler servicing Wigan is done annually.
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