How to Avoid a Gas Appliance Repair

How to Avoid a Gas Appliance Repair

Homeowners or landlords with gas central heating or gas cookers must know that these appliances come with certain risks and responsibilities. To stay safe and avoid an accident, it’s critical to ensure all gas appliances are in good working order. Read our guide on how to avoid a gas appliance repair now…

How to Avoid a Gas appliance Repair

There are three risks you should be aware of:

Gas leaks

A gas leak can lead to a fire or explosion. If you smell gas, call the emergency number immediately.

Fires and explosions

Appliances usually burn gas in a controlled way, but an appliance or pipework with a fault may leak gas, which can ignite and cause fires or explosions.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Any gas appliance can potentially produce CO (carbon monoxide) if it’s not properly maintained or if vents, flues, or chimneys get blocked. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, potentially deadly gas, produced when gas in the central heating system isn’t burned properly. Carbon monoxide is very dangerous because it’s odourless and invisible.

Have a Gas Safety Check

A gas safety check is done performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. They test your gas appliances to make sure they’re safe. It’s not a boiler check, but a general inspection of all the gas appliances, including your cooker, fires and gas pipework.

It checks that your gas appliance:

  • Is properly set, so that all the gas can burn properly
  • Has appropriate ventilation for combustion air
  • Has safety devices that are working correctly
  • Is connected to a suitable and effective flues or chimneys
  • Is functioning safely

Your Gas Safe registered heating engineer will also check it is:

  • Suitable for the room it is installed in
  • Securely fitted, stable and connected properly to the gas pipework

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