Hosepipe Ban Postponed

Hosepipe Ban

We’ve been enjoying the unseasonably hot weather in Britain this summer, but the combination of a lack of rain and a greatly increased demand for water has meant that reservoir levels are lower than usual. On the 16th July, it was announced by United Utilities that a hosepipe ban would be imposed on their seven million customers from the 5th August. However, today the company cancelled the ban but warned it could be back on the table within weeks. Are you ready for it if that happened?

Would you be ready for the Hosepipe Ban?

Here are some water saving tips:


Take a minute less in the shower

If every person in a family of four spends one minute less in the shower, they will save up to 36 litres of water a day!

Use a washing up bowl

Instead of letting the tap run, fill a washing up bowl or use a dishwasher (but remember to do a full load each time).

Turn off the tap

Turning taps off while brushing your teeth saves six litres of water every minute!

Boil only as much as you need

Don’t overfill the kettle when you make a cup of tea: boil only what you need.


Ditch the hosepipe

We have a hosepipe ban because they use hundreds of litres of water every hour. Use a watering can instead to water plants and a bucket and sponge for the car.

Reuse water from the home in the garden

You can reuse waste water from the home in the garden. Plants can be watered with bath or kitchen water. Soil and potting compost will filter out contaminants such as soaps and detergents.

Buy a water butt

Buy a water butt and connect it to a downpipe from a shed or your home and it will collect rainwater from your roof when it does rain. You then have a source of water to give your plants a drink.

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