Guide To Powerflushing

Guide To Powerflushing

You may have heard of powerflushing but be unsure as to what it involves. Let us explain it in our brief guide to powerflushing:

What is Powerflushing?

As the years go by, debris builds up inside your pipes and radiators and gradually reduces your central heating system’s efficiency. Particularly big buildups can lead to breakdowns – which can be expensive. A powerflush is a special technique to remove this sludge from your central heating system to get it running smoothly again.

Do I Need Powerflushing?

Some of the signs that indicate a powerflush may be needed are:

  • Black water leaking from the radiators
  • Radiators only heat up at the top
  • Your loft header tank beginning to overflow
  • A gradual reduction in the effectiveness of your central heating system

It is also a good idea to have a powerflush whenever you install a new boiler onto an old central heating system, as all the rest of the pipes and radiators will have been used for many years, and if the sludge makes its way into the new parts of the system, they too will be affected. Check out the before and after below:-

Guide To PowerflushingGuide To Powerflushing 

What Does Powerflushing Involve?

A powerflush is done with a machine called a “pumping station”, which removes the dirty sludge and replaces it with fresh, clean water. It can often take an hour and a half or more for the plumber to completely clear the system – it depends how many tricky areas need to be cleaned. Once it is clear, a chemical inhibitor is added to reduce future build up and prevent corrosion.

Who Can Complete a Powerflush?

A Powerflush should be completed by a trained Gas Safe Registered plumbing and heating engineer. It can be either be done separately as a standalone task or as a regular part of your annual central heating maintenance programme.

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