Important Information About Flues In Voids

Flues In Voids FAQs

If you have a flue in a void, then you may be issued with an advisory notice by your gas engineer. Here are the answers to some common questions about flues in voids…

Flues in Voids FAQs

If your gas engineer cannot examine the whole the flue, they will advise you that it is ‘At Risk’, and recommend that you do not use it. They will ask your permission to turn it off.

What does the ‘At Risk’ notice mean?

‘At Risk’ means that your boiler system could become dangerous in the future. You are within your rights to refuse permission to turn it off, but you will be asked to sign paperwork to accept responsibility for the defects in the system. You can still have work done on your boiler including servicing it.

I am an owner-occupier – do I need to take action?

There is no legal duty on you to have inspection hatches installed. If you choose not to, you should continue to have your boiler serviced every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Each time they will advise you that it is ‘At Risk’. Fitting carbon monoxide alarms is a good second line of defence.

I am a landlord – what do I need to do?

Landlords are required by law to have an annual gas safety check on every gas appliance and any flue or chimney. Landlords are also required to ensure gas fittings and flues are kept in a safe condition. If moving the boiler or the flue is not an option, inspection hatches are the recommended means for an engineer to examine a concealed flue.

I have heard that there could be alternatives to having hatches fitted. Is this true?

Visual examination via inspection hatches is the preferred method by the industry. Where inspection hatches are not practicable, a safety system has been developed which can monitor the void for carbon monoxide which causes the boiler to shut down if a leak is detected.

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