Ensure Your New Home Is Gas Safe

Ensure Your New Home Is Gas Safe

You can’t be sure when the gas appliances and gas pipework in a new property were last properly serviced and checked by a registered Gas Safe engineer. Therefore it is important to ensure your new home is gas safe and that the boiler and other gas appliances are properly checked.

Ensure Your New Home Is Gas Safe Today

Your vendor ought to be able to provide you with a completed Gas Safety Record to show that a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered engineer checked the gas installation pipework and appliances within the last 12 months. However, if they are unable to do so, then you will need to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer such as L&W Heating and Plumbing to carry out a series of gas safety checks before you move in.

The engineer will complete an inspection record and provide it to the vendor for them to pass onto you when you complete and move into the property. Don’t take risks with your family’s safety and always insist on getting a gas safety check when you buy a new home, no matter how new it is or how well-maintained it seems to be. A check of the safety of the gas installation and pipework is recommended every year, so make sure it is done.

What appliances need to be checked?

The most common gas appliances are:

  • Gas fired boiler
  • Gas fired water heater
  • Gas fire
  • Range cooker
  • Gas oven
  • Gas hob

You should also make sure that your Gas Safe registered engineer completes a check of the pipework (including a tightness test) to make sure that no gas is leaking out.

L&W Heating and Plumbing

Always remember to choose a Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating gas engineer to have your appliances checked. You should call experts such as L&W Plumbing and Heating annually to check everything for safety – the risks of not doing so include the silent killer, deadly carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as gas leaks, fires and even explosions. Call on one of our local numbers below and ensure your new home is gas safe:-

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