Prices and Payments

Whenever you are contemplating any major work within your home there is always one burning question? What is the work going to cost? and can I afford to pay for any work to be done?When the real question should be can I afford NOT to do this work.

Home Improvement Loans Available


Fixed Priced Boilers – subject to your existing boiler having a round flue, gas pipe being of the correct size. Assuming a close proximity to a soil / waste gully or waste pipe, (Used for the disposal of the condensate from the boiler). CONTACT THE OFFICE FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE

Power Flush (excluding VAT)From – £250 (5 radiators)

Annual gas service (excluding VAT)From £48 including CP12 safety certificate (boiler) – (discounts offered to landlords / letting agents / estate agents with large property

portfolios – contact us for more details)

Condensate pipes (excluding VAT)From – £50 (lagging only – does not include pump or trace heater)


Plumbing – Offering competitive prices for all your plumbing works.

Are you unsure of the problem, do you have a project in mind?  Just complete our ‘Ask the Expert’ page for a free quote and survey

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