Boiler Controls Not Working

Common St Helens Boiler Repair Callouts

There are some common St Helens boiler repair problems we see more than others. We have written this simple guide to try to cover some of the most common signs and symptoms – so you know when to call our team of expert St Helens Plumbers to solve your problem.

Common St Helens Boiler Repair Problems

Annual Boiler Service St HelensAs local plumbers St Helens we keep a range of boiler heating spares in stock at our office and our team of heating engineers complete most St Helens boiler repairs quickly and efficiently. On the rare occasions when this is not possible we use our close links with parts suppliers obtain spares – often within 24 hours.


This is the ‘brain’ of your boiler, and contains all of the technology it needs to function. If it fails, your boiler may behave erratically, or fail to work at all.


The programmers are what allow you to plan when your heating turns on and off. If your heating is not coming on when expected then this could be the culprit.

Pilot Assembly

The pilot light is a small flame that indicates the boiler is ready for action. If it goes out then the boiler will not function. We can talk you through the reset procedure on the telephone if it has gone out.

Flow Switch

If your boiler is constantly losing pressure then it could be because there is a leak in the system or it could be a fault with your flow switch. Our technician can quickly diagnose and resolve such a fault for you and get you back up and running. L&W Heating and Plumbing Wigan Boiler Repair Remember that when you are seeking a boiler repairs St Helens or boiler replacement in St Helens then simply contact L&W Heating and Plumbing. We offer many other services: ranging from a new tap installation to a full design service for your dream bathroom. Contact us for more details.
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