Combi Boiler Servicing Wigan

Why You Need Annual Gas Combi Boiler Servicing Wigan

Combi Boiler Servicing Wigan is a must and having your gas combi boiler checked annually by a Gas Safe Register accredited engineer such as Wigan plumbers L & W Heating and plumbing will help to keep it running smoothly and can prevent problems or future costly repair bills. Some faults can happen at any time and can not be predicted at a service, for example, pump failure, but your annual boiler servicing Wigan should pick up on most common problems.

Combi Boiler Servicing Wigan

Combi Boiler Servicing Wigan 2 Some of the basic checks that should be carried out by your plumbers Wigan will include a test of the air pressure in the expansion vessel, which ensures that the water has sufficient space to expand when it is heated; an emissions test to make sure the gas to air ratio is safe; and removal and cleaning of the magnetic filter (if your boiler is fitted with one) to top debris from getting into your central heating system.

Common boiler problems

Your annual combi boiler service could also identify some of the most common problems. When they are corrected early, it will extend the life of your boiler.
  1. Automatic air vent – If this is fault, you may notice dripping or lime scale at the vent outside.
  2. Lime scale build-up – This build up in central heating pipes is common in hard-water areas. It can cause fluctuations in temperature of your hot water taps.
  3. Blocked pressure relief valve – A failed or blocked vale can result in constant dripping from the copper pipe on your outside wall.
  4. Pump failure – Often caused by sludge, this will stop the whole system from working.
  5. Diverter valve – When this valve fails, the system will become ‘stuck’ on either hot water or central heating. Turning on the hot taps might make your radiators heat up too!
  6. Sludge – If your radiators are hot at the top and cold at the bottom it may be time for a Power Flush!
To find a Gas-Safe accredited plumber – look out for the Which? Trusted Tradersmark.
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