Boiler Service Christmas List

Boiler Service Christmas List

We think that a Christmas Boiler Service should be top of your Christmas list this year. A ventral heating breakdown during a cold Christmas would be awful. Reduce your risks by booking a Christmas boiler service today. When choosing a boiler service Warrington company, look out for Which? Trusted Traders – L&W Plumbing and Heating plumbers are part of this scheme.

Boiler Service Christmas List

In your annual gas safety inspection, your Gas Safe qualified engineer will:

  • Test your boiler pressure
  • Check for unsafe emissions
  • Test the controls
  • Visually inspect the condition of the boiler
  • Issue your CP12 inspection certificate or warn you of any concerns

If your boiler hasn’t been in use much during the summer, it could break down when you need it the most. A lot of problems that might cause a breakdown can be rectified at the service. Booking boiler repairs during Christmas can take longer, and it can be harder to get hold of parts. Your serviced Christmas boiler will be more efficient and may save you money on bills.

Common Christmas boiler service problems

  • Your automatic air vent may break, and you might see dripping water or limescale outside.
  • Limescale in central heating pipes is common in hard-water areas. This can cause fluctuations in water temperature from your taps.
  • A blocked pressure relief valve leads to water constantly dripping from the pipe on the outside wall.
  • Pump failures are primarily caused by sludge and they stop the entire system from working at all.
  • If your diverter valve fails, the boiler will get stuck on either hot water or central heating. Turning on the taps may make your radiators heat up, and tap water will come out warm.
  • If your radiators are staying cold at the bottom, you may need a Power Flush to remove built-up sludge so they can work efficiently.

L&W Heating and Plumbing Services

To book your annual boiler servicing, get on the phone to L&W Heating and Plumbing.

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