Boiler Installation Risley

Boiler Installation Risley

Are you considering replacing your Risley home’s boiler? Are you worried about:

  • The boiler approaching the end of its life?
  • Paying for costly boiler repairs Risley without any long-term benefits?
  • Your boiler not getting you through those cold winter months?

The best time is now to have your Risley boiler replaced so make sure you don’t get caught out in the winter by replacing your boiler while it’s still warm outside.

Best Combi Boiler Installation Risley

You may not have realised that your older, non-condensing Risley boiler can be over 10% less efficient than a more modern combi boiler. Because combi boilers have not got as much pipework, there is less of a risk of leaks. To extend the life of your Risley boiler, you are advised to invest in an annual Risley central heating engineers boiler service.

L&W Risley plumbing and heating services can offer you:

  • A free survey and estimate
  • A modern A-rated boiler
  • A range of boiler types (Combi, Regular or Heat only) and brands
  • Only gas safe registered engineers
  • Up to 10-year warranty (dependent on your boiler choice)

A number of benefits that arise from having your Risley  boiler replaced, including:

  • Better reliability.
  • More heating control –a smart controller can allow you to have total control over your heating. Some even allow you to adjust the heating when you are not home.

According to the energy saving trust, upgrading a boiler to a modern A-Rated condensing boiler that has a programmer, thermostat and TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) will save you money – see the breakdown at

Heating engineers Risley

L&W Heating and Plumbing’s Plumbers Risley and Risley heating engineers are fully committed to providing the best service to all our customers. Our gas technicians are skilled, Gas Safe qualified and keep up to date with the latest developments in Risley and Warrington gas installation. You can trust us, so call us before it’s too late on 01925 295757 to book a boiler servicing Risley appointment.

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