Boiler Installation Lowton

Boiler Repairs LowtonThinking about getting a new boiler Lowton? Are you concerned about any or all of the following?
  • The boiler is approaching the end of its life.
  • You are regularly paying out for boiler repairs Lowton with no longer-term benefits.
  • Worried it may not get you through the cold winter.

Now is the ideal time to have your Lowton boiler replacement … make sure you don’t get caught out in the winter without heating and hot water

Boiler Installation Lowton

A combi boiler installation Lowton allows you to access hot water instantly, on-demand, and a new combi boiler in your Lowton home will be more energy-efficient, which means you save on your gas bills when the weather is colder. Not only that, your new Lowton combi boiler will no longer require a bulky hot water cylinder so you will save space in your airing cupboard. You can also take advantage of other useful features, such as more accurate control over the timing of the heating.

Benefits of having a boiler replacement Lowton

  • Better reliability.
  • Improved heating control – a smart controller could allow you to have more control over your heating.  Some controls even allow you to access them when you’re not at home.
  • The energy-saving trust says that a boiler upgrade Lowton to a modern A-Rated condensing boiler with programmer, thermostat and TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) saves you money

Local Plumbers Lowton

Your local plumbers Lowton, L&W Lowton central heating engineers offer the very best in customer service. We want to build a lasting relationship with every one of our customers. Calling us could save you money on energy bills and repair costs  – we can take a look at your existing boiler and recommend whether Lowton gas boiler repairs, maintenance boiler servicing Lowton service or a replacement is needed, and offer a quote you can’t refuse. Call us now on to book an appointment with an L&W Lowton plumbing and heating services surveyor.

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