BBQ Safety

BBQ Safety

You may think that CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning is only a risk in winter – but in fact, it is just as deadly all year round. Most of us continue to use gas for cooking and heating water during the summer, and if you’re planning a barbecue then you also need to be aware of the dangers associated with of CO. If you put a gas barbecue into an enclosed space it could expose you to a possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning – so don’t put your family at risk read our BBQ safety tips now.

BBQ Safety

Here are some helpful BBQ safety tips to help you enjoy summer barbecues and keep safe:

  • Never taking a smouldering or lit barbecue into a tent, caravan or other enclosed space. Even after you’ve finished cooking the barbecue can still give off fumes, so keep it outside.
  • Never, ever cook with a barbecue inside.
  • Always ensure that you can see your barbecue when it is lit – don’t leave it unattended.
  • The area where you cook with the barbecue should be well away from your caravan, cabin or tent, with a good supply of fresh air and away from trees and foliage.
  • Always follow the barbecue’s operating instructions.
  • Be aware of the symptoms and signs of CO poisoning – headaches, nausea, dizziness, breathlessness, collapse and loss of consciousness.

Gas Barbecues and Camping Equipment   

If you are operating a gas barbecue or gas camping equipment there’s some more advice:

  • Before use, check that the appliance is in good working order and that all hoses are attached securely. If in doubt, do not use it.
  • Make sure that the gas taps are turned off before you change the gas cylinder.
  • Change gas cylinders in the open air – never indoors
  • Do not over-tighten gas connection joints
  • When you have finished cooking, turn off the gas cylinder first, and then the barbecue controls. This uses up any gas remaining in the pipeline.
  • Consult the appliance’s instructions to find out on how to check for gas escapes
  • Always leave gas appliances outside, with a good supply of fresh air.

L&W Heating and Plumbing Services

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