Why Should You Have A Boiler Service

Annual Boiler Service St Helens

With Annual Boiler Servicing St Helens Carbon Monoxide: the silent killer can be avoided. This lethal gas is odourless and invisible but incredibly dangerous – and it can leak from gas appliances which are faulty or poorly maintained. Do not put your loved ones at unnecessary risk – and plan your annual boiler service in for this summer before you rely on it to keep you warm in the winter.

Have You had Your Annual Boiler Service St Helens?

Annual Boiler Service St HelensEvery one of the gas appliances situated in your home needs a service and inspection regularly – at least annually. The cost of peace of mind can be as low as £70 including VAT, which includes the cost of the gas safety certificate for your central heating boiler. At your gas boiler service inspection, a gas safe qualified engineer will:
  • Test the boiler’s gas pressure
  • Check the emissions coming out of the flue
  • Test all of your boiler’s controls to ensure that they all work properly
  • Conduct a visual inspection of the condition of your boiler
  • Tell you right away about any concerns
  • Present you with a CP12 gas safety inspection certificate

Don’t Delay – Book a St Helens Boiler Service Today

If your central heating system gas boiler has been out of action over a long, hot summer, then it’s no good waiting till September to book your service – if repairs are needed they may take longer as plumbers St Helens are in greater demand. Your fully maintained St Helens boiler will also run more efficiently – which might save you money by reducing your utility bills.

L&W Heating and Plumbing St Helens Boiler Technicians

To book an annual boiler servicing St Helens or to enquire about boiler installation St Helens simply ring us at our office 01744 776140. One of our friendly St Helens central heating engineers will plan in an appointment around your availability. After the service, we will record your details on our database and issue you with an annual reminder. Our family run St Helens plumbers offer many services you would not find else where.
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