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Hosepipe Ban Postponed

Hosepipe Ban

We’ve been enjoying the unseasonably hot weather in Britain this summer, but the combination of a lack of rain and a greatly increased demand for water has meant that reservoir levels are lower than usual. On the 16th July, it was announced by United Utilities that a hosepipe ban would be imposed on their seven million customers from the 5th August. However, today the company cancelled the ban but warned it could be back on the table within weeks. Are you ready for it if that happened?

What Size Of Boiler Is Suitable For Your Burtonwood Home

What Size Of Boiler Is Suitable For Your Burtonwood Home

Do you know what size boiler you need for your Burtonwood home? Choosing the right sized combi boiler can be bewildering, so it is always advisable to consult with a Burtonwood Heating Engineer or Gas Safe Burtonwood Plumber first to give you advice, it is still useful to have a basic idea of what you are going to need to set a budget. Our guide will help you plan…

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